Vossic has been cultivating agriculture, aquaculture and livestock for years. We have been helping many enterprises and farmers by providing various AIoT (AI + Internet of Things) farming solutions to improve their efficiency and keep them competitive in the industry.

Vossic’s AIoT farming solutions comprise AI, IoT, Big data and Blockchain technologies, which digitize the growth of crops, aquatic products and livestock, and learn over time. The system advises farmers when to take proper actions (e.g. watering and fertilizing) to raise their products, so that farmers do not have to rely only on experience or even intuition. As a result, the efficiency and product quality is improved, and the labor cost is significantly reduced.

Customer Cases and Applications

Livestock on IoT x Blockchain

The wide spread of African swine fever in China has made food safety the biggest concern among Chinese consumers. Vossic has worked with one of the biggest pork processing enterprise in China to provide a perfect solution to address customer concerns. The company has enabled food traceability for its pork products by leveraging blockchain and Vossic’s advanced VIP (Vossic IoT Platform) technology. Its customers can discover the purchased product details (e.g. storage temperature in retail store, transportation temperature and route, pig farm location and growth historical data …), from farm to table, by scanning the QR-code on the product bag. As a result, customers feel comfortable about the pork products they purchased and, best of all, the client’s brand has been trusted.

Vossic also help pig farmers fight off African swine fever by providing a real-time pig temperature monitoring solution, which is also based on Vossic’s excellent VIP technology. This solution issues warning messages to farmers once it identifies abnormal temperature from swines, enabling farmers to take countermeasures to prevent the fever from spreading, and reduce their losses.


"Fish survival rate" is the biggest concern for fisheries. Vossic’s smart aquaculture solution helps fish farmers to monitor the underwater environment, and receive real-time notifications if a problem arises. It also advises fish farmers to take preventive actions in advance to avoid enormous fish loss.

“GREAT” Technology to save our Children and Mother Earth

Chicken is the most farmed animal. Every year, 13 billion chickens are caught to support human lives. However, this industry is facing a serious crisis, because the main technique to identify small chicken’s gender is human eyes. The technicians with this ability are getting old. But the younger people don’t want to join this industry in the present days. #Vossic Technology, a leading AloT solution provider, has GREAT(Gender REcognition AI Technology) technology to cure. By providing the world's first Al gender recognition helmet, the gender database collecting chicken’s gender picture in the farm, and VIP (Vossic loT Platform) can analyze this data by cloud computering system, farmers can recognize chicken's gender in no time and the cost is just half of the traditional way. Even better, GREAT could be used on other animals and the potential market is gigantic. And we can use this solution to reduce the need to use hormone drugs on animals to force them into specific gender. Which can be a positive effect factor to cure our environment.