With a rapidly growing urban population, more than two-third of global population is estimated to reside in urban areas by 2050, and increasingly stringent carbon emission regulations, the demand for building management systems is blooming. Vossic takes advantage of our comprehensive VIP(Vossic IoT Platform) and extensive experiences in IoT and presents to you our building management system - Vossic BMS.

Vossic BMS is an all-round, easy-to-implement system that integrates any systems on your call, ranging from energy management, water management, fire protection, security, indoor air quality control to HVAC control. Presented with our VIP, which provides real-time monitoring, high security, data visualization, and error predicting functions, Vossic BMS creates a proactive, secure, efficient, and energy-conserving environment for everyone who is committed to build a more eco-friendly and sustainable globe.

Customer Cases and Applications

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is one of the Smart Building Management applications. Besides monitoring HVAC, Fire Protection, Door Access, and Environment systems, DCIM extends the focus on infrastructure management, such as racks, servers, and weak power systems. It aims at maintaining High Availability(HA), so the standards and the complexity of the DCIM system are evolving. DCIM needs an intelligent automation process and more intuitive and dynamic ways of presenting the information. In addition, DCIM should also comply with international standards such as ESG. In recent years, Vossic’s VIP has successfully established remarkable DCIM services for leading financial holding groups in Taiwan.

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