Self-Service Kiosk Solution

The Self-Service Kiosk Solution is a turnkey software solution for retailers and logistics to provide self-help service to their customers. It has below outstanding functions:

 Remote System Management Platform

The Remote System Management Platform provides the essential foundation for easy management and deployment of self-service kiosks. Via this platform, operators can monitor and configure the kiosks in real-time, and receive alerts when abnormal events like power-off occurs. The platform could be accessed anywhere via web browser, with roll based access control (RBAC). It also features intuitive dashboard which simplifies day-to-day management.

 Self-Service Kiosk System

The Self-Service Kiosk System is the software running on kiosks. Besides the core function of the kiosk (e.g., rendering machine, smart locker, …), it also equipped with watch dogs and event logs to make sure the kiosk is stable and secure at all times.

 User/Administrator APP

They are software applications (available in both iOS and Android) designed for customers or adminstrators to facilitate the process of self-help services (for customer) or maintenance (for adminstrator).