O2O System

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Our innovative O2O (On-line to Off-line) solution is the leading and proven system which helps retailers, who own both physical and on-line stores, boost their revenue and customer satisfaction. The major functions are as below:

 Promotion Pushing System

  • Store owner updates promotion to server and selects target customers to receive the promotion.
  • Customers will receive the promotion (via APP), and then easily find the nearest store to purchase.

 Customer Attracting System

  • In-store beacon broadcasts promotion of the day.
  • Near-by customers will receive the promotion suits him (via APP) and come shopping.

 Interactive Digital Signage

  • A digital signage, but more than that …
  • It could interact with customer’s APP, to play game or show promotions. The award of the game and the content of promotion will be selected per customer’s profile or preference.