The IoT (Internet of Things) has been adopted in many industries, and has helped enterprises in many ways, e.g. providing better services, reducing cost and increasing efficiency. However, implementing the appropriate IoT solution under budget and schedule has always been the main challenge for enterprises embracing IoT.

Vossic is known for building up IoT services for its clients in a lightning and cost-effective way, based on its patented Vossic IoT Platform (VIP). VIP is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) with an easy-to-use user interface, which can be used by enterprises to setup and enable their IoT devices quickly, and then manage them via mobile or PC anytime anywhere. VIP has many great features, as shown below.

Easy to Use and Implement

The VIP’s friendly GUI (graphical user interface) has powerful device management and data visualization engines, helping enterprises to configure, monitor, connect and control physical IoT devices painlessly. Our Drag-and-Drop development tool enables enterprises to deliver IoT solutions for their business effectively at scale.

VIP also provides API (Application Programming Interfaces) for developers to implement IoT service easily and effectively by just focusing on the high-level business logic without worrying about all the details of their IoT devices (such as configuration, management and alarms) and clouds.

Easy to Integrate

For enterprises, the introduction of a new IoT service often requires integration with legacy systems such as ERP, CRM and SCM. Keeping up with the latest technology, like AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Blockchain, is also a key concern for many enterprises. The modularized architecture design of VIP allows it to integrate with enterprises’ legacy systems, while keeping the flexibility to further upgrade to the latest technologies.

Device Independent

The number of IoT device vendors is huge. However, different vendors’ devices do not talk to each other, leading to problems when enterprises try integrating different devices into their systems. The hardware-independent architecture of VIP can talk to any device from any vendor that supports https or MQTT, which are the most popular protocols in the IoT industry. Therefore, by adopting VIP, enterprises do not have to worry about hardware interoperability or future compatibility issues.

Cloud Independent

VIP has a cloud-adoption layer, which makes it neutral to cloud providers. As a result, IoT applications implemented using VIP architecture can run on virtually any public or private clouds, and can be switched to other clouds later on without difficulty.

Business intelligence

VIP’s predictive data analytics and machine learning mechanisms enable enterprises to quickly response to changes, foresee trends, accelerate the decision-making process and deliver valuable insights further.

Customer cases and Applications

Our clients, especially those in the cold chain industry, have already been using VIP in a fast and cost-effective way for years. From farm to table, VIP has helped our cold chain vendors solved their pain points and still fits their unique workflows. Most importantly, the main goals of accurately monitoring and responding to temperature variation are truly accomplished.



Food Processing plant

Food processing plant





Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Food Traceability

Food traceability

Some other use cases are

  • Smart Retail : Advertising, Smart locker, Smart display case, Digital signage
  • Transportation & Logistics : Fleet tracking, Cold chain, Inventory management
  • Smart Farming : Fertilization, Smart irrigation, Climate monitoring,  Greenhouse automation, Food traceability.
  • Smart Aquaculture : Water quality monitoring (temperature, oxygen, pH), Biomass estimation, Appetite detection, Feed calculations.
  • Smart Lifestyle : Healthcare, Smart appliances, Home access.
  • Smart Manufacturing : Process optimization, Predictive maintenance/Quality/Waste/Simulation, Smart metering, Asset tracking,
  • Smart City : Lighting, Parking, Traffic, Pollution, Smart grids, Energy conservation.