Customer expectations of retailers are constantly evolving. Today’s customers are increasingly tech-savvy and sophisticated in their shopping habits. By leveraging the latest advanced technologies, Vossic has helped our clients successfully develop omnichannel customer engagement strategies, and offered seamless shopping experiences to their customers. Here are some business cases.

Customer Cases and Applications

Smart Locker (SML)

SML is a self-service refrigerated locker system, equipped with many advanced features (such as modular design, self-diagnosis, offline operation, temperature monitor), which aims to solve last-mile delivery issues for retailers. Using SML, retailers can provide their customers with a convenient way to pick up parcels anywhere and anytime, and can boost retailer efficiency and reduce delivery costs.

In addition to providing a better shopping experience to end-users, SML’s temperature control system preserves all items at the right temperature, which also helps retailers to gain competitive advantages in the market by providing food safety assurance and reducing significant food waste costs.

Moreover, SML is an O2O solution that helps retailers not only to bring online customers to brick-and-mortar stores but also to capitalize on both channels to drive overall sales, engage new customers and earn customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty program

Loyal customers are profitable in a variety of ways. Many studies have demonstrated the value of customer loyalty programs, but building brand credibility in a cost-effective way remains challenging for enterprises.

With Vossic’s dedicated arrangement, one Taiwanese leading cosmetics and medicine retailer has been enjoying a stable and continuous sales growth since the loyalty program was launched in 2018. The program adopted various approaches (e.g. Customer Classification, Member-Get-Member (MGM), Reward Points, Coupons, Prize Draws, Mission, Location Based Services (LBS), Content Personalization), but its success has one key factor, namely Vossic’s ability to provide cost-effective, timely and tailored solutions.