Social media has become indispensable in our daily life. With people sharing personal experiences and opinions of using certain products or services, social media now plays a vital role in building brand images. A single post of good words can easily bring traffic and raise conversion rate for brands, pushing sales to a new record high. Social commerce entrepreneurs should take great advantage of this trend to generate sales, enhance customer experiences, and build tight communities to maintain customer loyalty; Vossic’s very own SaaS for social commerce can be your unfair advantage.

Customer Cases and Applications

Social Commerce POS System

Social commerce has been thriving over the past decade, currently accounting for 9.5% in annual sales of the retail industry, and is expected to reach 12%, approx. 23.2 billion US dollars, by 2026. Vossic takes advantage of our knowledge in the retail industry and our first-hand observation on corporate transformation pain points to develop a comprehensive POS system that helps social commerce entrepreneurs tackle the hecticness of starting their own business.


Our iPlusOne POS system, with proactive social media order collecting function, greatly enhances efficiency and reduces labor costs by analyzing consumer behaviors and adopting effective marketing methods, considerably increasing your business profitability.

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