Smart Factory has become the competitive arena for IoT service providers, and Vossic is ready to take the lead. The advent of Industry 4.0 has made the idea of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved quality a reality. With our innovative technology, Vossic provides a complete, real-time solution through the integration of devices and systems, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Our proprietary VIP(Vossic IoT Platform) offers a comprehensive solution that predicts and prevents machine failures. The platform features visualized dashboards, detailed analysis reports, and effective device management, which collectively enhance production stability and reliability, reducing labor and maintenance costs and boosting profits to new heights.

Customer Cases and Applications

Real-Time 3D AMR/AGV Supervision

As Autonomous Mobile Robots and Automated Guided Vehicles develop, crewless transport in factories and warehouses has become an inevitable trend. Vossic, with our VIP(Vossic IoT Platform), reacts promptly to demanding needs. VIP, a cloud-based management platform, integrates 3D objects, data fetching, and real-time display to provide a remote, comprehensive, and visualized supervision service. VIP tracks vital indicators such as precise coordinates, movement speed, task status, and battery status, and sends immediate alerts to administrators when equipment error occurs, maximizing management efficiency.

Customer Cases and Applications

Real-Time Production Line Management

The Internet of Things is the best solution for efficient production line management. A large workforce routinely inspecting machinery was required to maintain a smooth operation in the past, and the high labor costs and the lack of an instant, connected management system kept the return on investment low. Vossic presents an all-round production line management solution with our visualized cloud management platform VIP(Vossic IoT Platform). VIP achieves real-time remote management through data fetching and system integrations, providing critical information such as device status and production reports, sending alerts for predicted and occurring equipment errors, and significantly improving your return on investment.