The rising demands for food safety, food traceability and food quality has urged the cold chain logistics operators to upgrade and optimize their transportation processes and flows. This has become a major challenge, but also a major growth opportunity for the operators.

Vossic has been supporting cold chain logistics for years, and has accumulated considerable know-how in this field. Vossic’s unparalleled IoT logistics solutions enable cold chain operators to realize real-time monitoring and efficient distribution throughout the entire supply chain, while significantly reducing cost and labor.

Customer Cases and Applications

Cold Chain x AIoT

Keeping delivered foods safe is the highest priority for all cold chain logistics companies. However, foods sometimes become spoiled or contaminated during delivery, severely damaging the reputation of logistics brand image..

To prevent this problem, one global logistics company adopts Vossic’s IoT Cold Chain Solution to manage its distribution centers, warehouses and refrigerator trucks. By monitoring the delivery conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity and route) of goods in real time, the company can guarantee food safety and realize food traceability. Moreover, operators will instantly get notification from the system whenever something goes wrong during the transportation. As a result, Vossic’s IoT Cold Chain Solution helps our clients not only keep high quality of delivered goods, but also increases their brand preference and value.

Vossic’s IoT Cold Chain Solution is also equipped with an AI (Artificial Intelligent) learning technology to analyze the condition of AC batteries, which are used in the delivery boxes to keep foods at the right temperature. Instead of checking all batteries in every delivery, this AI technology automatically informs maintenance engineers precisely which delivery box’s battery should be checked or replaced only if necessary. The technology has reduced the maintenance engineering cost by 90%, and increased the transportation efficiency by 20%.